The essence of creation and purpose of life culminated into the birth of “Turiya”.
Turiya- means universal consciousness where there are no limits and boundaries.This creates the possibility of providing solutions to both asked and unasked questions.

The challenge of building from scratch has been the inspiration all along when the idea of Turiya was conceived in our minds. Technology and Innovation coupled with our dreams launched Turiya.
‘Turiya’ is the locus of our dreams, hopes, aspirations that spanned over a period of two decades. It is the result of an overwhelming desire to create, break all limits and excel.

Coming from a technology consulting and business development background, it was easier for us to relate to the offerings that come with new technologies. We set ourselves to move from a Diagnostic Analytics background to creating products powered by Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics. Technology is the play ground of fertile young minds and we have been lucky to team up with few technocrats who are as passionate about building new platforms as we are. Thanks to the addition of 3D , IoT and Blockchain experts to our group, we offer one stop shop solutions to our esteemed clients to be Industry 4.0 ready.

Impossible to possible to ‘Doable’ forms the foundation of the company. Undeterred with naysayers frowning ‘They are into creating Frankenstein monster’.

Looking at ‘what is’ and working towards ‘what can be’ forms the crux of our solutions and services. Precisions range from nano to mega unit components using our multi-disciplinary crafts, skills, technologies & experience.

Our biggest USP is & will be ‘Integrity’

Our Focus Areas


Turiya is an Artificial Intelligence Company which helps businesses build intelligent AI-powered digital products and applications. We believe that AI disruption will open up new vistas of opportunity and want to be ahead of the curve in creating new business paradigms by applying AI. We design and develop AI-powered applications for our clients and are passionate about bringing forth intelligent and integrated AI products.


Turiya is a 3D services company with robust execution capabilities powered by deep knowledge and global experience in 3D Laser Scanning, Point Cloud Processing, Modelling and Registration . Our 3D Applications range from Ship building to Plant Reconstruction, Mining to Land and Underground Surveys and Laser Scanning of Oil & Gas Plants to Documenting As built Conditions. We have expertise in handling latest and high end scanners such as ZF IMAGER 5010, 5006i , Explosion Proof 5006EX, FARO Focus 3D Laser Scanner, Artec EVA, Orion 3D (White light Scanner), Rexcan CS+ ( Blue Light Scanner) to Handheld Portable Laser Scanner System. We take absolute measures in ensuring our client’s data is highly confidential and secure.


Turiya Softech provides passionate, innovative, experienced application development experience and works on latest technologies including Blockchain, iOT, Web App, Mobile App, Custom App Development. We also do Team Augmentation to help you build and sustain skilled teams and have a special strategy for augmenting AI teams.


Our Research findings and their Applications

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